The Problem

Pet overpopulation is epidemic in the United States. Each year millions of healthy adoptable animals are euthanized at humane societies and animal shelters across this country. These animals are put to death for the crime of being born and unwanted. Untold others are killed on our highways, die of disease, starve, or left to fend for themselves, victims of neglectful owners. Still others fall into cruel hands. To many, animals are plentiful, cheap, accessible, and disposable. Animal suffering is rooted in this wretched cycle of unaltered pets, their indiscriminate breeding, and the resulting abundance of unwanted dogs and cats.

The Solution

The easiest and most effective solution is sterilization, but rising veterinary costs often put the price of altering an animal out of reach for many pet owners. Committed to making pet sterilization more affordable, Concerned Citizens for Animals sponsors a low cost spay/neuter program. With the support of our dedicated veterinary partners, CCA is able to provide reasonably priced certificates. Cats can be spayed or neutered for $40 and dogs, for $50.

How you get started:

  • Download application
  • Complete and mail the application with a self-addressed stamped envelope and your check or money order to CCA

CCA will:

  • Process your application and payment
  • Issue you a certificate for surgery with one of our veterinary partners

Your responsibilities:

  • Contact the veterinary clinic to make an appointment
  • Bring written proof of your pet’s current vaccinations*

*Current vaccinations are required under this program. If your pet’s shots are not up to date, the clinic will provide them. However, the cost of the vaccinations is not included in this program. You will pay the veterinarian directly for this service.

Concerned Citizens for Animals
Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program
Post Office Box 1332
Simpsonville, SC 29681

Be sure to include your payment and a self-addressed stamped envelope. 







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