Concerned Citizens for Animals is just one in a network of many animal welfare and rescue organizations serving the Upstate of South Carolina. CCA receives numerous calls daily for help in rehoming animals, assistance in finding a missing pet, advice on various animal situations, support for feral cat colonies, and someplace to take in more pets, strays, and abandoned animals than any no-kill shelter could possible handle.

No one organization, including CCA, can fulfill all the needs or requests made of it. In an effort to provide you further assistance for your animal-related question or situation, CCA has compiled a list of animal welfare/rescue groups in the Upstate. Each is governed by its own individual policies and procedures, and all are limited in funding, staffing, and space. CCA does not recommend or certify any organization on this list. Checking the legitimacy and integrity of an organization listed is the responsibility of the user. The list was compiled with the most up-to-date information available at the time of publication. If you find an organization listed is no longer operating or know of one that is but not listed, please let us know at:

Also available here are two documents: one to assist you in rehoming a pet or stray in your care and the other to help you locate a missing pet. Both contain practical information. Please note the importance of carefully following the steps outlined in Finding a Good Home. Each is essential to ensure the home you choose is indeed a good home.


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