Happy Mother’s Day!!



Celebrate National Loyalty Day

First observed in 1921, the holiday was made official by Congress in 1958 and first observed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on May 1, 1959. Although the day was set aside as a reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States, we thought it would be a good idea to expand the observance to include the loyalty we enjoy from our beloved pets.

When you walk through the door, whether you’ve been at work for 8 hours or out of sight for just 3 minutes to gather today’s mail, your dog will greet you as if you were a conquering hero! Your reception includes sparkling eyes, wagging tail, and joyful abandon, all those things one neither expects nor receives from a human companion.

Quiet, reserved, and independent are words often used to describe cats, but they can read us like a book, play us like a fiddle. Have you ever heard someone say, “I don’t like cats; but every time I visit my friend, her cat always sits right next to me!”? Cats aren’t stupid. They know exactly who needs more cat exposure and schooled on the wonders of all things feline. And nothing tops off couch time like a soft purring ball of fur kneading all your “relaxed muscle.”

Loyalty Day is officially observed May 1, but we encourage you to celebrate all month long. Revel in the unconditional love and limitless adoration your pet provides. Gender, financial status, age, IQ…all of these things mean nothing to your pet. You are you and that’s a gracious plenty for your fur pal.

If looking for the love and loyalty only animals can provide, we invite you to consider one of the wonderful animals we have available at the CCA shelter. Whether you’re looking for a walking partner or a fellow couch potato, we’ve got that special someone just for you.

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