How to Help

Helping comes in a variety of flavors, and we’re sure we have at least one that will suit your taste! CCA can use your help in one of three ways: give of yourself, give of your things, or give a donation.

When you give of yourself, you join other like-minded individuals whose focus is to make the world better place for the homeless animals in our community. By volunteering with CCA, you imprint our work, our shelter, our animals, and our community standing with the gift of your time and expertise. Your volunteer help is much needed at our shelter, administrative office, special events, and thrift store or to assist with our community service programs. We’re sure we have just the right opportunity to fit your schedule and interests.

Giving of your things can involve some tough decisions. How long has it been since you last used those golf clubs? While there may be sentimental value in that third car, do you really need it anymore? And those beautiful designer shoes you bought for that one special occasion but found they pinched your toes all night…we can rehome them for you. Can you add just one CCA “Wish List” item to your shopping list each week? That container of litter, bottle of bleach, box of large garbage bags, dish detergent, dishwasher detergent or package of paper towel that you give represents a considerable cost savings to CCA. And a penny saved is a penny used to help another homeless animal and another and another still.

Give a donation. Not everyone has the time to volunteer. Many of us often don’t have the time for organized grocery shopping. Rather, we rush in and out on an as-needed basis! Monetary donations are always needed and ALWAYS much appreciated. Vet visits, animal feed, shelter renovations, office and shelter supplies, special-needs training, and our community service programs, while all investments in our work, are also expenses we must meet. When you write out your monthly checks, we ask that you remember CCA. For those who meet their obligations on-line, how about setting up an auto pay for CCA? Without having to remember or address an envelope, your monthly gift by credit card or PayPal ensures our work continues because you gave.


Making A Difference … One Life at a Time