Feral Cat Colony Program

Feral Cat Colony Program (FCCP)

The Problem

You often see them as your headlights cast their beams across a restaurant dumpster or a wooded area. They are nobody’s cats, the forgotten felines in every community. But where do they come from?

Feral colonies are groups of cats who have reverted to their wild instincts in order to survive. Some come to the colony as former pets. Over time they are no longer socialized to humans. Others are born into the colony, the result of indiscriminate breeding among the unaltered members. These family groups are often formed around a reliable food source such as a restaurant or dumpster.

Feral cats have little or no contact with humans, and kittens born into the colonies are taught by their mothers to fear people. They are usually not aggressive and run if approached. Some colonies are supported by caring people who provide fresh food and water. But is this enough?

Without intervention the colony will continue to grow, and each breeding season can add dozens of new kittens to a colony. This unchecked growth becomes a problem for the colony, the person providing food and water, and the community at large.

The Solution

Recognizing the problem and the impact it has on the welfare of the colony, Concerned Citizens for Animals offers a humane, non-lethal solution. This effective program is known as TNR…Trap, Neuter, and Return. This process stabilizes the colony by preventing uncontrolled breeding. It also advances the overall health of the colony.

CCA works with colony caretakers to humanely trap the cats. Once trapped, the cats are vaccinated, treated for parasites, altered, and ear tipped. The cats are then returned to the colony and their caretaker. The result of this program is a colony that is healthy, stabilized, and more easily managed.

Learn More

This important community service program is dependent upon volunteers to assist in trapping and transporting. Training is provided for new volunteers. If you would like to assist in this valuable program, we have a variety of ways you can help these forgotten cats. Volunteers are needed Monday through Friday. Trapping involves:

  • Setting traps in late afternoon/early evening (Monday – Thursday only)
  • Waiting and monitoring traps to ensure cat safety
  • Covering traps and transporting them to an overnight holding area (e.g. volunteer’s garage)
  • Transporting cats to medical clinic by 9:00 a.m.
  • Picking cats up from medical clinic at 5:00 p.m.
  • Providing overnight holding – CATS REMAIN IN CARRIERS
  • Transporting cats and returning them to colony/caregiver

Volunteers are not required to perform all steps. Even if you can only provide a holding area or transportation, your contribution to this program will make a big difference. Volunteers can work in coordinated teams, each responsible for one or more steps, to complete the trapping process.

Donations earmarked specifically for this program are also greatly appreciated. Your support will underwrite CCA’s ability to continue providing this vital service to the feral cats in our communities.



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