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Please join CCA and GLOW Lyric Theatre for a performance of

All Creatures Great and Small.

A joint fundraiser between Glow and rescue groups Saved by the Heart and Concerned Citizens for Animals, All Creatures Great & Small  is a tribute to all our furry, feathery, and leathery buddies in the animal kingdom! Enjoy two chances to sit back and be serenaded with song, dance, and testimonies celebrating the love that our pets bring us. An evening guaranteed to leave you warm and fuzzy, All Creatures Great & Small raises awareness for animal welfare, with guest appearances from our favorite furry friends!  Join Glow, Saved by the Heart and Concerned Citizens for Animals for a free pre-show reception and post-show talk back.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and while many may think the greatest love of all is romantic, heart shaped, or chocolate covered, Glow is taking a unique approach to celebrate animal love. All Creatures Great and Small, Glow’s first show in their 2018 Raising Voices Series, tackles the topic of the joys animals bring to our lives, and partners to benefit animal activist groups such as Concerned Citizens for Animals and provide awareness to organizations like Saved by the Heart.

To buy tickets, go to, call or ask at the following sites.

GLOW Lyric Theatre

(864) 558-4569

Performances:  February 5 @ 7:00 pm &
                                February 6 @ 7:00 pm
37 Augusta St
Greenville, SC 29601


But what inspired the Glow team to tackle this theme in the new year? We stopped by to talk with Glow Artistic Director Jenna Tamisiea to find out!

Help us help them…


Thank you to all those who attended Bark in the Park for making Concerned Citizens for Animals’ fundraiser a success. Check out pictures from the event here.

HOG Day at CCA

This is Raymond James 4th year coming to the shelter to help get ready for summer. They worked trimming bushes, hauling pea gravel to fill low spots, washing igloos and after all work was finished the kids played with puppies. Thank you Raymond James! RamondJamesHOGday

IMG_0001Learn more at WOOFTRAX.COM

An important reminder!

Days are quickly becoming much warmer. Please keep your pets and family safe! Remember the outside temperature quickly becomes deadly inside a car for pets and children.

We urge you to adopt, not shop for your next family member!