Concerned Citizens for Animals Adoptions Team takes great care in matching the needs, environment, and lifestyle of the prospective owner with the needs and personality of each animal it places. CCA’s goal is to ensure the placement will endure for the animal’s entire lifetime, making its new home its fur-ever home.

To that end, CCA has in place a comprehensive adoption process which begins with a written application. The application seeks to detail what the prospective owner needs and wants in a companion animal. The application also asks for personal and veterinary references which will be contacted during the adoption process.

Qualified individuals and families will be invited to the CCA shelter to visit and mingle with the animals there. In addition, this visit provides an opportunity to interact with the dog or cat the individual or family is interested in adopting. If the dog or cat is being adopted as a companion to another, this visitation is vital to ensure acceptance and compatibility.

The final step in this process is a home visit, which is important for two reasons. First, to ensure the person or family is prepared and, second, to make the transition to a new home easier for the animal.

If you would like to begin the adoption process, please complete an application and e-mail it to The adoption fee for dogs under 4 years old is $100 and $75 for those over 4. CCA dogs are current on their shots, spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, and on monthly heartworm preventative. The adoption fee for cats is $75, which includes sterilization (i.e. spay or neuter) and up-to-date shots.


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