Happy Sunday, 8.28.16!

We thought you’d enjoy seeing some of our previous residents and what they are doing now and also some happy memories. Thank you to the families that sent us pictures to keep us updated!

Remember Dexter?  As you can see he has completely taken over his forever home and is enjoying the good life!



Samson, a lab/newfoundland mix, didn’t have to use much of his strength to win the hearts of Laura Connor and Tim McWilliams. One look with his big eyes and a gentle lean into them for some attention was all it took. He is living a life full of love, toys, and beautiful views of the mountains. We all love the happy ending for this boy and his new family.


A lovely memory of one of Mamma Mollie’s puppies… or piglet…completely enjoying lunch!

We hope you have a lovely week!pawprints

Happy Saturday, 8.13.16!

Adoption Update!

We are excited to announce that Inky and Andy have found their forever home! Thank you Susan and Milt Lyerly for adopting both of these sweet babies.  The kittens are very lucky to have you as their family!

Introducing Momma Mollie’s puppies!

They are eating solid food, love being held and are using puppy pads. The puppies will not be available for adoption for several more weeks. They will have their first round of shots prior to being available for their forever homes. New owners will receive vaccine and spay/neuter vouchers.

Just in case those individual pictures didn’t melt your heart…check out Sleepy Time!

Sleepy Time
Sleepy Time



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