Happy Saturday, 8.13.16!

Adoption Update!

We are excited to announce that Inky and Andy have found their forever home! Thank you Susan and Milt Lyerly for adopting both of these sweet babies.  The kittens are very lucky to have you as their family!

Introducing Momma Mollie’s puppies!

They are eating solid food, love being held and are using puppy pads. The puppies will not be available for adoption for several more weeks. They will have their first round of shots prior to being available for their forever homes. New owners will receive vaccine and spay/neuter vouchers.

Just in case those individual pictures didn’t melt your heart…check out Sleepy Time!

Sleepy Time
Sleepy Time



Happy Sunday 8.7.16!

Police K-9s protect our communities, so let’s help protect them.  Join Upstate Veterinary SpecialistsK9 fundraiser-UVS for a HAMBURGER PLATE FUNDRAISER on Friday, August 12 at the old Sam’s Club parking lot on Laurens Road. Proceeds will be used to purchase life-saving medical kits and provide state-of-the-art training for the handlers to treat their K-9s in the field when veterinary care is not available.



What happens when you get a group of wonderful volunteers together? We get things done!  One of our volunteers had the excellent  idea to put up 2x4s around the dog’s kennels. This will help  keep the kennels cooler in the summer and  help protect them from wind and rain when it’s cold out.  Basil gave each volunteer a hug and a couple kisses for their time and generosity. It will take some time to complete this project but our goal is to be done  before winter! Thank you to Lowes for the supplies and for these dedicated volunteers!


Momma Mollie’s puppies are thriving! puppies eatingThey are now four weeks old and are beginning to to eat puppy food slurries from a bowl.  Let the messy eating begin!





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Concerned Citizen for Animals
33rd Annual Bark in the Park
Conestee Nature Park
840 Mauldin Road
Mauldin, SC

Making A Difference … One Life at a Time


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